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From: Franklin Wayne Poley (
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 16:48:14 -0600
Thank you for the references, Paul. I should give a little backgrounder 
to my question. The Downtown Eastside Residents Association is a local 
community owned society which manages four apartment buildings for the 
urban poor in Vancouver and is planning a fifth, $14,000,000 building for 
300 people. The Central Mortgage and Housing Minister (cc'd above) has 
approved a 75% mortgage but the problem is the other 25%. I inquired and 
was just told that sweat equity could be at least part of the 25%. Thus I 
am asking HFH if they are interested in supervising such work. Light 
gauge steel construction may be the best way to maximize sweat equity 
value by laymen. I am researching that now. It looks promising. If that 
succeeds the work crew could go on to build the "model sustainable 
village" for 5,000 people being planned by Vancouver City Administration.
Thus the benefits would snowball as longer term employment would also be 
provided for some of the people who do the initial sweat equity work.
   False Creek Village could well be co-housing or co-housing-like. I 
think it should at least have something like the old fashioned community 
hall. That would make it the biggest co-housing project in the world, 
larger even than one in Denmark where co-housing started which is for 
2,000 people I am told.

On Thu, 26 Nov 1998, Paul Milne wrote:

> Franklin,
> Franklin Wayne Poley wrote:
> > 
> > Paul: Can you give us a web site or email address for these "Non-Profit
> > NGO's" which build housing in the UK? Are they like Habitat for Humanity
> > (which is the Number 2 builder of new homes in North America)? Maybe we
> > can compare notes with them.
> > Sincerely-FWP.
> > 
> I was unable to find web sites for the Housing Associations we have dealt 
> with. Below please find a brief list of links that might help you find more 
> info.
> Scottish Homes - Housing Information in Scotland: 
> Building homes, building trust
> Employers in Voluntary Housing
> Housing Information Sources - JMU Learning Services
> Housingnet - The Blue Pages-Scotland
> Internet guide to resources in housing
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> Paul Milne
> Edinburgh University Data Library

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