Conflict Resolution at Terra Firma
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Hi Folks,

Paul Weber from Terra Firma here.  Some of you may recall some of my
postings in the last couple of months regarding our conflicts with our
neighbours (and thanks for your advice and support).  Well we've at least
started a dialogue, and things seem to be moving forward, though not without

Our neighbours have many concerns regarding the impact of our community on
the neighbourhood.  What I am looking for is information from any other
urban co-housing communities, that have been set-up in already existing
urban areas and had to fit into a neighbourhood (e.g border on houses who
aren't co-housing members).

Our neighbours are particularly interested in learning whether there are
other urban communities which have a common fence.  We, for example, took
down all the fences between properties and only have one common perimeter
fence that borders on our neighbours yards.  They are concerned about our
meetings/dinners etc and the noise they generate (as well as several other

Our feeling at this point is that continued dialogue and brainstorming
around the problem areas is how we will move towards addressing concerns.
Our neighbours agree but also want the City to do a study on co-housing.
We've agreed to support this request in the spirit of working things out

If any other communities have dealt with these kind of problems I'd love to
hear from you.

Paul Weber
Terra Firma
Ottawa, Canada

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