affordable housing, process committees
From: NKaten947 (
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 1998 13:28:06 -0600
Hi, Thank you for the experiences of groups and "contributions."  

I have two very different questions. I am wondering what most Process
committees do in different groups. How do they define themselves? How do they
differ from Coordinating committees?

I am applying for a grant for down payment assistance. Because the assistance
will still be short of the down payment, I was thinking about the possibility
of the group offering some financial help. I was wondering if any groups had
set up some help for lower income families?   Revolving loan funds? 
Thank you, Kate N. Nichols 
Bellingham Cohousing

We just received a letter from Jim Leach stating that he is ready to set a
start construction date, hire a contractor & get construction financing ! 

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