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From: Becky Schaller (bschallertheriver.com)
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 07:21:30 -0600
This email is directed primarily towards those who are living in or 
involved in cohousing groups working with a developer.

Here at Sonora Cohousing we are and I think it was one of the best we've 
made.  We also have an interesting situation and I'd like to know if 
others have also dealt with similar questions and how.

We will probably move in 12-18 months from now. We are planning on 36 
units. We have about 28 units sold.  There are about five types of 
units.  Some have basements; some don't. That means there are about ten 
types of units for people to choose from. 

Because we have so few units left and some types of units are claimed, 
there are some questions about how to let prospective new members know 
which units are available and still give some flexibilty to current 
members to change units if it should become necessary.  We have made 
"final" lot selection so new people know which units are available.

If you've been in a similar situation, What policies did you have 
regarding your waiting list?  Was there a fee for being on the waiting 
list?  What kind of priority did people on the waiting list have before 
or after those who had already claimed a unit, but wanted to change unit 

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