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More about the Bruner Awards

...Perhaps your architect will be interested


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Web Site:


                              How to Apply

                                   Applications will be mailed upon request,
beginning September 1,
                                   1998. Applications may be requested from:

                                   Bruner Foundation, Inc.
                                   130 Prospect St.
                                   Cambridge, MA 02138

                                   Tel: 617-492-8401 x184
                                   Fax: 617-876-4002
                                   E-Mail: info [at] brunerfoundation.org

                                   Or simply fill out this form.

                                   Please leave the name of the person who is to
receive the application,
                                   name of organization, address, including zip
code, and daytime
                                   telephone number. Please also tell us where 
first heard about the
                                   Award. Applications will be sent in the order
requests are received.

                              Key Dates

                                   Submissions must be received at the address
designated in the
                                   application not later than December 18, 1998.
                                   Five finalists will be notified in January,
                                   Site visits to finalists will take place in
January, February and March
                                   The Gold and Silver Medal Winners will be
selected and notified in
                                   April 1999.
                                   Presentation of the Rudy Bruner Award for 
Excellence will be
                                   made in May or June of 1999.


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