Conflict Resolution
From: mbishop (
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1998 12:11:02 -0600
I would like to start a thread of discussion on the process of conflict
Acorn Creek Community in Austin is now discussing this topic.  More
specifically, we are interested in what other groups have done (or plan to
do) in resolving conflicts that have blocked consensus.  We are considering
an "emergency" process of reverting to a 75% majority vote.  However, there
is concern that a process of moving from consensus to majority vote needs
to be clearly defined.  One idea is to allow any member at anytime to
request a 75% vote on whether to have a 75% vote on a proposal.    Others
feel that this is too easy and voting may come too quickly without greater
effort in resolving conflicts by consensus.

On the other extreme, Quakers use consensus and apparently have no
"emergency" process to get around blocked consensus.  I have a Quaker
friend who told me that the Quaker building here has been without air
conditioning for many years now because one person in the congregation does
not consent.  This is Austin, Texas!  The congregation meetings gets quite
small during the heat of the summer.

I am interested in your ideas and very interested in what has worked and
not worked for you.

Mark Bishop
Acorn Creek Community, Austin, Texas

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