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Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1998 12:21:33 -0600
At 12:10 PM 12/2/98 -0600, mbishop [at] wrote:
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>specifically, we are interested in what other groups have done (or plan to
>do) in resolving conflicts that have blocked consensus.  We are considering
>an "emergency" process of reverting to a 75% majority vote.  However, there
>is concern that a process of moving from consensus to majority vote needs
>to be clearly defined.  One idea is to allow any member at anytime to
>request a 75% vote on whether to have a 75% vote on a proposal.    Others
>feel that this is too easy and voting may come too quickly without greater
>effort in resolving conflicts by consensus.
N Street Cohousing has a 75% fall back voting procedure but have never had
a vote.  Basically when a block occurs, a resolution meeting is scheduled
right then between the blocker and representatives of the majority.
Meetings will occur every two weeks for up to three months.  If no
resolution is found, the proposal comes back before the community for a
vote.  A 75% majority then carries.  This is a slow process that works for
us because we aren't in a hurry to do anything (it took us two plus years
of active work to redesign the common house backyard!).   I imagine though
that a similar structure could work for a group with a greater time
pressure.  Say meet every week for an hour or so for the three weeks before
the next community meeting and then if a resolution isn't found, a
supermajority vote might hold.    Good luck.  Tell us how you resolve it.


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