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The FIC diretory is being updated currently. There are both electronic and
paper based survey forms being distributed. Elph and Jillian are on the road
visiting communities and can be reached by email. They hope to have the new
version out by 2000. They have access to all the listings on the web (they
are the webmasters for the FIC site), and are gathering info about regional
contact people. Their methodology is to geographically locate to areas and
research all the groups in the area.

Paper based printed directories are always going to be out of date in
regards to communities. The best sources for the latest info will be the
quarterlies (cohousing magazine and Communities magazine) the websites
(, and Regional organizations like NICA, and
email lists such as this one. The site has a list of over 300
websites of intentional communities around the world.  The NICA website
lists groups that are seeking members in WA and OR.

Rob Sandelin
Northwest Intentional Communities Association

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