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Date: Sat, 5 Dec 1998 22:01:06 -0600
 Becky Schaller <bschaller [at]> wrote:

>units. We have about 28 units sold.  There are about five types of 
>units.  Some have basements; some don't. That means there are about ten 
>types of units for people to choose from. 
>Because we have so few units left and some types of units are claimed, 
>there are some questions about how to let prospective new members know 
>which units are available and still give some flexibilty to current 
>members to change units if it should become necessary.  We have made 
>"final" lot selection so new people know which units are available.
>If you've been in a similar situation, What policies did you have 
>regarding your waiting list?  Was there a fee for being on the waiting 
>list?  What kind of priority did people on the waiting list have before 
>or after those who had already claimed a unit, but wanted to change unit 

I really appreciate your looking at this issue before you have recruiting
new members.  As a household who joined and then later was bounced to
waiting list, I would never wish the agony of this limbo on anyone! 

At Old Oakland, at the time of final unit selection, households made a
reservation deposit which entitled them to a certain price on the unit, and
I believe first dibs on the unit.  If they find they need another unit,
they can't bump anybody who already has a reservation.  If a unit should
become available, it is offered to full members first in the order of their
joining, next offered to former-members on the waiting list (in the oder of
their joining) and then finally to the waiting list, in the order of their

Households who change their reservations or who joined after the final unit
reservation, pay a higher price for their unit ($2000 more).  This was an
incentive and/or a gift  offered by the developer to those early members
who had put in a lot of work.

If for example, you find that you need a smaller unit than the one you
reserved and there is no smaller unit available, then you go on the waiting

Households on the waiting list have paid a minimum $100 fee to join, former
members have paid paid full membership + dues.  Waiting list members don't
pay dues.  (To me personally, it seems fraudulent to charge full membership
dues unless you indicate a purpose for them that is relevent to households
without units e.g. to hold your place in line, to cover expenses of keeping
you informed.)  One later household told me they had put off joining the
waiting list because they thought the had to pay full member dues.

-Carol Patterson

P.S. I've really enjoyed the Conflict Resolution thread

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