Unit 1 for sale at Sharingwood Cohousing, Washington state USA
From: Carl Chatfield (carlchmicrosoft.com)
Date: Mon, 7 Dec 1998 12:33:36 -0600
Asking price is $330,000, available Feb. 1, 1999

Full details and photos available at
<http://www.wisechat.com/sharingwood/unit1sale.htm>  . Contact Carl
Chatfield or Rebecca Henderson at (425) 936-3152 (day) or (425) 487-1322
(evening); e-mail Carl at carlch [at] microsoft.com.

Quick details
- Elegant, custom house in an established cohousing community located in
rural southern Snohomish County, Washington state. 
- 3,500 square feet, gourmet kitchen, dramatic windowed solarium, tile,
hardwood and Berber carpet throughout. 
- 3 bedrooms and 2 baths in main house (approximately 2,500 square feet)
plus 1 bedroom and bath in basement apartment (approximately 1,000 square
feet, currently occupied through August 1999). 
- Natural gas furnace, water heater, and stove. 
- Professionally landscaped with drought-resistant plants. 
- Private covered deck facing woods. 
- Drive-through 2-car garage with circular driveway. 
- Includes shared ownership and stewardship of 30 acre preserved greenbelt
with wooded trails, common house, campground, playground, and other common
elements in Sharingwood. 

This is a special house in a special community, and our top priority is to
sell it to someone who primarily wants to participate in the life of the
Sharingwood Cohousing community, and secondarily to live in this particular

Unit 1 is a large house (the second largest at Sharingwood; the largest is a
tri-plex of sorts) and can accommodate several possible living situations.
Some ideas include:
- A family upstairs, and a single person renting downstairs (as we're using
the space now).
- An extended family fully occupying the space.
- A shared house for any combination of family or friends. In fact I'd
really be delighted to sell the house to a group of people interested in
shared ownership through a tenants-in-common co-op ownership structure or
something similar.

Added bonus--your chance to be Rob Sandelin's neighbor!

Regards, Carl
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