CoHousing, The Journal
From: Joani Blank (
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 02:57:31 -0600
Lest anyone else out there think CoHousing (the Journal) is no longer
available, let me assure him or her that the journal most certainly is
alive and well!  Check the cohousing web page for
information about how to join The Cohousing Network, a major benefit of
which is receiving the fabulous journal with the talented Don Lindemann,
editor, still firmly at the helm. If you'd like to get info about
membership and the journal, but don't typically get out in cyberspace to
explore the web, just send your snail mail address to The Cohousing
Network, whose email address is  cohomag [at], or call 510-486-2656 and
leave your snail mail address there. 

Joani Blank
Member of the Board of The CoHousing Network and its Journal Team.

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