Dead link
From: ann zabaldo (
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 23:25:38 -0600
In re:  my holiday forwarding a holiday site to the list.

Well.  That's pretty fickle of them.  It's gone!  It was working on
Friday.  I'm sorry.

Gosh I sent this to a lot of people.  I hope my friends don't cross
me off their gift list!  I guess it won't make it much better to tell
everyone that it was an absolutely gorgeous site w/ multiple,
exquisite holiday scenes w/ high level kenetic artistry (meaning a
whole lot of stuff danced around.)  The falling snow was the best:
it changed directions, snowed heavier, snowed lighter, had different
shapes, etc.

Ah. Well.  I'll just go lick some stamps...

Best -- Ann Zabaldo

A great East Coast Conference over too soon!
Tom Braford has already announced a Mid-west
conference for 2000!  But come to Amherst next
for the North American conference in 1999!

Takoma Village Cohousing is the Washington D.C.
 area's first URBAN cohousing
community.  Email me for more details.

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