Resale of houses and new member orientation
From: Barb Andre (
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 08:42:21 -0600
One of our community members is in the process of selling his house. We
want to be sure that the prospective buyers know what they are buying
when it comes to cohousing! Do any of you have guidelines for members
when they sell, especially as to the information or disclosures that
they are encouraged to give to prospective buyers so that the buyers can
make an informed decision?

Note that we are NOT intending to screen prospective buyers, only to
insure that they know what a cohousing community is, and how it works.

Additionally, we are trying to set up a process for orientation of new
members after they have moved in. Any recommendations or suggestions?
What has worked for your groups?

Barbara Andre
Greyrock Commons
Fort Collins, Colorado

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