condo docs and cohousing
From: Judy Baxter (
Date: Sat, 19 Dec 1998 08:05:06 -0600
Sharon Villines wrote:

< How far did you have to go to satisfy
construction and mortgage lenders that your project was traditionally
structured in order to get funding? Have you had any problems after move in
with cohousers trying to enforce these odd provisions.

Such as--no liquids or foods shall be consumed outdoors without permission
of the board of directors. The developer shall retain control over the
project even after the last unit is sold. >

Not that far!  In my understanding, the "liquids etc" stuff would go in the
rules and  regs - and we didn't even do that before we got the loan. And we
have *very* minimal rules and regs.  A lot is guidelines, I think. The
developer control thing may be a Florida thing? We certainly didn't do that,
but then we *were* our developer (sob -- we couldn't find a local one).

I will pass this on to someone on our legal team - I'm not up on this.  We did
spend forever on the legal docs, but not like that.

Good luck.

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