Site Development Advice Request
From: Leon DeKing (
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 1998 13:42:52 -0600
To: Cohousing-L list <cohousing-l [at]>
Subject: Site Development Advice Request

Our Manzanita Village of Prescott (MVP) mountain side home is taking shape!
The roads have been bull-dozed in.  Our member architect (Jeff)'s site plan
has taken form on the ground, and some unforeseen opportunities have
manifested themselves:

Your counsel about what to do with these opportunities will be appreciated.

What opportunities?
   A) There are tons of rocks and dirt that have to be moved.
   B) There is also, next to where our Common House is gonna go, an arroyo
   -- at the inside elbow of our site.

The question for you is, should we modify Jeff's rocks and dirt disposal
plans to :
   1) make a dam in the arroyo, thereby creating a pond?; or
   2) fill in the proposed pond site to make a community recreation area?

Yours Aye,

MVP Member

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