RE: K-12 Education
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 1998 22:34:18 -0600
Tim Eldridge asked about education on site. Out here, we call it home
schooling. Yes, my family is one of a few that homeschool at Sharingwood. We
use the commonhouse once a week for a home school co-op art session which
invites homeschoolers from around our area to the community. There are about
a dozen out of community families that join us. In years past the co-op has
done science and history as well. This is a prime outreach into the
surrounding community for us, and the co-op takes real good care of the

If you are talking about running a school within your community, I have some
experience with that, but its local, and nothing is more local than the
rules regarding schools. In our area it would be very difficult to meet the
stringent laws about school buildings to run an actual, certified K-12
school. It would be possible, but difficult, way more difficult than would
be worth the effort. But with our states very libral home school law, we
would never have to, or want to. As home schoolers we are free to associate
with whatever programs we wish.

For those interested in more details about homeschooling send me e-mail
privately, much of the details are off-topic for this list.

Rob Sandelin
floriferous [at]

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