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I would like to express gratitude to Patty Mara Gourley of Tierra Nueva 
Cohousing for her continuing "Through the Looking Glass" pieces, which 
are so well written and so informative, of both the wonderful and 
not-so-wonderful aspects of her community's experience. (And I'm sure 
that many others on CoHo-L share this sentiment.)

As someone still enthusiastic about Cohousing (and it was fun to attend 
part of the East Coast Conference last month) but who is unlikely to be 
living in Cohousing anytime soon (given job and family realities, and the 
black hole of Cohousing that seems to be occupying the mid-Atlantic 
region north of Baltimore and south of upstate NY/western MA--although 
there may be a ray of light in NW Philadelphia), it is nice to receive the 
vivid verbal images and the potentially useful information!

-- Blaise Tobia (Delaware Valley Cohousing-in-Waiting)

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