Cohousing in the Media
From: Virginia Moreland (
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 05:11:14 -0600
Susan - well said and thanks for offering to compile the data. We always
make sure to ask where someone heard about us, since we've done very little
proactive advertising. 

I also heard at a meeting last night that the new issue of New Age Journal
has a good article about cohousing!  While not as widely seen as NBC
Dateline, it probably reaches and audience which would be proportionately
much more likely to be interested.  

Ginny Moreland
East Lake Commons
Atlanta (Decatur) GA

Where 35 of 67 units are under contract, construction is moving along, the
first move-ins look like February, we are still caught on the horns of the
customary HOA Legal Documents Debate. Oh, and our first baby was born a
couple of months ago. (He wasn't conceived in cohousing but he was
definitely born into our community!) He will be the only male in my
building of six townhomes -   but we've decided to let him stay.  (just
joking, of course!) 

>TV is an amazing medium and, for better or worse, the
>American culturally buys into what they see on
>TV as real. Because of the Dateline feature, cohousing as a "real"
>movement has just been legitimized in NBC's viewing public's mind.
>People who may have heard about cohousing before... or noticed your
>marketing, but weren't ready or receptive at the time, may now have a
>brand new perception of and receptivity to cohousing. Let's now roll up
>our sleeves and reinforce this perception in EVERY city within reach of
>that broadcast. This is a great week to place ads, post or repost
>flyers to bulletin boards, to call your local newspaper, radio and TV
>station for some kind of interview... any interesting story twist will
>do (and remind your local media about the Dateline coverage... they
>like to dovetail with national coverage because it makes
>look current.) 

>I would be interested in hearing from other communities... say in a
>week or so... to see how many leads and inquiries they received as a
>result of this PR.  Track the data and send to me directly (totals are
>fine) and I'll compile it for the list.  Even if you have no way of
>knowing the source of the lead, having a significant increase in leads
>compared to your usual volume is enough to measure impact. I'm also on
>the TCN board and I'd be happy to pass on your marketing comments to
>those members who are focused on marketing/PR. 
>Whoops... just got another email lead!!  Way cool.
>Susan LaBarre
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