More Marketing Excitement!!
From: Susan LaBarre (
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 20:11:48 -0600
I just love synchronicity.

Being all excited about the Dateline segment, I called our local Barnes and
Noble to see if they'd gotten any requests for cohousing books in the last
couple of days. Their community relations person happened to have seen the
show and we started talking. Since our group is planning our first public
meeting in January to launch Paradise Cohousing and it happens to be in a
restaurant around the corner from the bookstore, I asked if they could
stock some cohousing books in advance of our meeting because attendees
might want to run over and buy some after the meeting. I then asked if we
could leave a Visa card and bring some books to our meeting, and return
what was unsold afterwards. Because we have zero marketing budget at this
point, I then asked if they might be willing to set up a small in-store
display of cohousing books with a mention of our upcoming public meeting.

THEN she told me they were scheduled to hold an in-store seminar on
February 16th on...get this... 'Housing in the New Millenium.'
Co-promotion sparks started flashing in my mind and I began rattling off
book titles and asking her if I could meet with their marketing director.
Within minutes, the gal located the three most popular coho-related titles
in her distribution database and offered to send a store rep over to our
meeting to sell some books to attendees. I'm hoping to persuade their
marketing director (who I've yet to meet) to put up a seminar display sign
with housing-related books several weeks in advance to advertise our first
meeting AND to have some of our community cohousers (current and wannabes)
come back to be part of their housing seminar.

So if you're looking for a marketing/PR opportunity, call your local Barnes
and Noble (or Borders, or other bigchain, inc) and tell them about the
Raleigh, NC store's planned seminar and see if they'd like to do one in
your city. Then offer to have your cohousing group be part of the seminar.

And if you call them, remind them about the articles in New Age Journal,
Parenting, and the Dateline broadcast. All this media convergence makes us
sound like a super-hot trend... particularly when you proactively link them
all together in one paragraph... that's how the PR pros manufacture trends
and we can do it, too, because we're smart, and we're all linked up with
each other, and our collective mission is just sooooo incredibly wonderful.

Carpe Diem and Happy New Year!!!!

Susan LaBarre
Paradise Cohousing

Now forming near Raleigh, NC
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