RE: Dateline on Cohousing / TV PR
From: Fred H. Olson (
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1998 11:23:39 -0600
The discussion of Cohousing being covered on Dateline and in print
recently reminded me...

For a long time I've thought we should get the Rocky Mountain Cohousing
Assoc video shown on local cable periodically.  As I understand it the
copyright and cable regs typically would permit this.  Certainly not the
same as the mass audience of the networks but if done in tandem with other
pr that says when it is on it seems like it could be useful.  As I recall
the RMCA tape is about 20 minutes long so the ideal would be to add enough
local/introductory material at the beginning and/or end to make a half

For details about the RMCA tape see: jan97 : CoHo Video

(also message # 24,28,30,32 that month)
Zev, is there more current info that should be included here?


PS I encourage folks to dig out the URL of noteworthy old messages from
the archives (or other resources)  and include the URL's when relevant. 
Such links can be very helpful. 

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