RE: tax question
From: Philip W. Bush (Philip.W.BushDartmouth.EDU)
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1998 14:13:21 -0600
--- "Rob Sandelin" wrote:
<snip> the banks would not give mortgages to
homes that did not control their own lot. (I assume they do so in your area
or you would not be considering a land trust). 
*We're just at the exploratory stage with banks at this point.  So far, they 
seem so wary of so many aspects of the project that we know we have a lot of 
work to do to if we're going to convince them to give mortgages.  No one thing 
appears to be the deal-breaker at this point;  the combination just seems kind 
of overwhelming to them (ie. plans to put permanent conservation easements on 
200 acres, parking away from homes, shared heating systems for 3-5 homes, 
shared kitchens in some duplexes, composting toilets,  and all those other 
unheard of radical ideas we have.)

--- "Rob Sandelin" wrote:
Setting up as tied shares may cause your home value assessments to rise
some. Strangly, the fact that we have a 25 acre greenbelt surrounding the
homes has not yet shown up in an appriasal here yet. Maybe that is because
the title is only for the condo unit, which is all the appraisor considers?
*Wow.  Can we borrow your tax appraisers when it's our turn?

Phil Bush
Cobb Hill
Where we just drilled 600 ft and hit no water.  The dowser comes Saturday.
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