RE: Dateline on Cohousing
From: Susan LaBarre (
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1998 19:03:05 -0600
At 8:03 AM +0000 12/31/98, Rob Sandelin wrote:
>So if a single TV show exposure gets this kind of response, imagine what a
>series of TV advertising could do? I have a script in my head for a great
>cohousing commerical featuring kids, commonhouse, warmth, security.

And we have an emmy award winning scriptwriter/producer in our group who
would help you flesh it out :-)

>If you want to reach the masses, TV is the way to do so. So all you folks
>who live out in Powerball land,(a multistate lottery) buy a ticket for
>cohousing and when you win, donate a million to the Cohousing TV advertising

Rob... you think too small ;-)
We're going for the Oprah show and she's worth more than a whole series of
commercials.  It's free if we convince her that our  movement warrants a
guest spot on her show, and surprise, she's already on our side!  Chicago?
Which communities are in her production area? It might take six months to
get a guest spot, but heck, we've got time!

^_^   ^_^

Susan LaBarre
Paradise Cohousing

Now forming near Raleigh, NC

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