Re: Dateline on Cohousing
From: Susan LaBarre (
Date: Fri, 1 Jan 1999 10:23:28 -0600
At 9:27 AM +0800 1/1/99, Unnat wrote:
>Hi Susan et al,
>I'm contacting some of the TV home and garden type information and lifestyle
>shows.  In Australia they tend to be shown nationally and are very popular.  A
>couple are supported by monthly magazines.  They will do segments like, 'a
>in the life of a newly planted garden' and makeovers.  I've entered our
>site with almost finished houses and lots of sand, debris and rubble in the
>honourable "Burke's Backyard" Australia's Worst Backyard Competition.
>With our
>gorgeous coloured renders (stucco) I'm confident we'll get coverage in glossy
>national magaines too.

That's the spirit!  You go girl!!!

Happy New Year.

Susan LaBarre
Paradise Cohousing

Now forming near Raleigh, NC

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