Renters, assoc. members & waiting: Finances?
From: Fred H. Olson (
Date: Fri, 1 Jan 1999 18:12:17 -0600
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Our cohousing association is facing the issue of what to do, financially,
about associate members, renters, and waiting list people. As comptroller,
I have to make a presentation to the finance team within the next two

I would appreciate any input from other cohousing groups that have faced,
and even solved this problem.  We have 3 renters who participate fully in
meetings, sweat equity, community service.  Outside of payment for some
utilities and meals, they pay nothing to the association.  If you have
renters, do they pay any form of dues or fees for being part of your

What kind of fee structure do you have for associate members, people who
do not live in the community, but would like to participate in our
activities and meals, including cooking and cleaning.  We do not have any
facilities, such as a pool or tennis courts, to offer --only the Common
House and whatever programs we have there.  There is a tax problem with
serving meals to non members plus a legal problem, since we are not a
restaurant and legally, can supply meals only to members and guests. So,
do you have associate members, what are their fees, their
responsibilities, and their commitment? 

If you have a waiting list, do the people on it pay a yearly fee,
quarterly dues, etc?  Do you send them a quarterly bulletin?  Is the
person who deals with the waiting list people given those fees or do they
revert to the treasury? 

Hope some of you in cohousing land have faced some of these problems and
have some suggestions.  I have checked the legal and tax aspects of "user
fees" which would mean outsiders paying for the use of the Common House or
eating at our common meals.  I can deal with those aspects of outsiders
but not the other items above. 

Ruth Chaet <rchaet [at]>


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