Re: Renters, assoc. members & waiting: Finances?
From: Stevenson/Bitner (
Date: Fri, 1 Jan 1999 21:01:20 -0600
>What kind of fee structure do you have for associate members, people who
>do not live in the community, but would like to participate in our
>activities and meals, including cooking and cleaning.  We do not have any
>facilities, such as a pool or tennis courts, to offer --only the Common
>House and whatever programs we have there.  There is a tax problem with
>serving meals to non members plus a legal problem, since we are not a
>restaurant and legally, can supply meals only to members and guests. So,
>do you have associate members, what are their fees, their
>responsibilities, and their commitment? 
We got around the problem of charging for meals(I assume the tax problem 
you refer to is the one where you can't be a non-profit and charge for 
meals) by creating a separate legal entity, a "club", whose finances are 
kept separate.  We pay into it according to how many meals we eat, and 
there is no legal restriction on who can join.   Many renters have been a 
part of our community and participated in the "Southside Park Dining 
Society"-SPUDS ;)  We don't charge a fee for renters to participate in 
our community, since all renters here are tenants of those who already 
pay fees(we also have nothing special but the common house).  We 
discussed the fact that they put extra wear and tear on the community 
assets, but decided that their contributions far outweighed their cost to 

Their rights and responsibilities are exactly the same as other members', 
with the exception that they are not allowed to block consensus on 
financial decisions, but no renter has ever been interested in those 
anyway.  In terms of commitment, I can honestly say that renters have 
been some of the more involved people in the community.  Renters are not 
obligated to be members, but those who do become members have been 
invaluable to us.  

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