Response to Dateline program
From: Fifomonday (
Date: Sat, 2 Jan 1999 12:56:17 -0600
At, our cohousing community website, we would normally
expect about 125 hits every 5 days.
For the 5 days since December 28 we have had over 300 hits
And on close examination the surge of hits started at 10:32 PM EST on December
The phone has been ringing too I'm told, with folks who got our 800 number
from the website. And 2 TV stations have called us
If I had not been convinced of the power of TV and the value of a website
before, I certainly would be now.

Michael Barrett 
Webmaster at  --  which is the website of our cohousing
community "Liberty Village" in Libertytown, Frederick County, Maryland, where
the (land) site looks a mess, but the major grading is complete, the roadway
is now in place and the sewer and water pipes will go in momentarily.  And we
still have some lots to sell.

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