Re: Cohousing in New Age Journal
From: Rowena Conkling (
Date: Sun, 3 Jan 1999 07:27:35 -0600
Yes, it's really a pretty good article and it uses Cambridge Cohousing as its
"model" for the most part.  We got an advance copy and read it aloud after
dinner around the fire in the common house while waiting for mid-night on New
Year's Eve!  I'd say it's good publicity for the movement.

We also had some folk here from a New England magazine show called Chronicle,
which is doing a show on "alternative" housing styles.   They seemed obsesses
with privacy!  After we had all, apparently, told them the same thing - all you
have to do is go into your unit and shut the door - they asked someone to take
them upstairs so they could photograph him going into a unit and shutting the
door.   It turned out that the person they asked didn't live over the common
house, but he obligingly opened and shut someone's door anyway!  A lot of
people in the common house apartments don't lock their doors.... I hope they
get over the privacy obsession before they finish editing the piece.  It's
supposed to go up sometime this month.

We've been been very lucky so far with out publicity in the local papers and

RowenaC at Cambridge Cohousing
Gary D. Shapiro wrote:

> The January/February 1999 issue of the New Age Journal has an article about
> Cambridge (MA) Cohousing.
> It's 4+ pages with photos. I'd say more but I haven't read it yet.
> --
> Gary D. Shapiro   <garyes [at]>  Pronounced "Gary Yes!"

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