books on cohousing and related subjects
From: Leni Nazare (
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 11:27:37 -0600
I was inspired by Susan LaBarre's recent posting suggesting that we contact
our local bookstores to present talks.  So I called Barnes and Noble today
to see if we could schedule a talk on cohousing.  The community relations
manager for Barnes and Noble was positive about the idea, but said she'd
have to get back to me once she found out if there were enough books on the

I'd like to provide the Barnes and Noble folks with a  bibliography on
cohousing and related topics (building community, and sustainable building).

If anyone already has developed such a bibliography and would pass it on to
this list, it would be a big help.  Thanks.

Leni Nazare
Future Resident, EcoVillage of Loudoun County, VA (

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