Re: Consensus Fallbacks
From: Joani Blank (
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 22:31:47 -0600

Thank you for your thoughtful words on this issue. I entirely agree with
you on the legitimate/illegitimate question. That is not the for the group
to judge, no matter how unreasonable a block  seems.  However, although I
think that blocking should virtually never be necessary, stating an
intention to block or a feeling that you may be pushed to that position if
certain specific conditions apply or don't apply, is quite acceptable.
Perhaps, when it gets to that point the potential blocker can meet with one
or two people from the majority with a neutral mediator and see if they can
propose an acceptable alternative that will truly be okay with everyone.

At Doyle Street, the one time we voted was when we couldn't reach a
consensus after discussion at three meetings.  If I recall correctly, the
one person who couldn't live with the way the rest of us were leaning,
didn't block. Rather, the group reached the conclusion that we would not be
able to get to consensus. And I believe that the person who held to the
minority position actually suggested that we move to a vote.

Sherri, would you be willing to tell us how the firearms issue was resolved?

Joani Blank
Doyle Street and Old Oakland CoHousings, Emeryville, California

Sunny and in the low sixties today and tomorrow.  I wish I could send some
of this California sunshine to those of you struggling with snow, ice and
below zero temperatures. 

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