3 weird things rule of thumb
From: Judy Baxter (BAXTERepivax.epi.umn.edu)
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 1999 18:11:18 -0600
Philip Bush wrote:
*We're just at the exploratory stage with banks at this point.  So fa=
r, they seem so wary of so many aspects of the project that we know w=
e have a lot of work to do to if we're going to convince them to give=
 mortgages.  No one thing appears to be the deal-breaker at this poin=
t;  the combination just seems kind of overwhelming to them (ie. plan=
s to put permanent conservation easements on 200 acres, parking away =
=66rom homes, shared heating systems for 3-5 homes, shared kitchens i=
n some duplexes, composting toilets,  and all those other unheard of =
radical ideas we have.)

Early on, someone told us that if we had more than 3 weird things, either banks
or  buyers would be wary (I can't remember which).  Hard to do with cohousing,
and we certainly had more than 3, I think, but I think you are right about the
combination of things being an issue.

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