A personal note
From: Stevenson/Bitner (lilbertconcentric.net)
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 11:32:21 -0600
It occurred to me that there are a few people on this list who might like 
to know that there has been a big change in my life. At the beginning of 
December, my husband, Roman, lost his job of more than 9 years.  
Meanwhile, I've been an at-home mom for five years and needed to get 
employed right away, so I'm temping. 
We had been hoping for a transfer to London, England, and that is no 
longer a possibility.  I had thought it would be fun to get involved in 
cohousing there, but I'll have to be content with what I'm fortunate 
enough to have right here at home.  Otherwise, we are all fine.  

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