Re: Cohousing in the Media
From: Susan LaBarre (
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 1999 19:41:09 -0600
At 4:56 PM -0600 1/7/99, Deb Smyre wrote:

>movie depicts the creation of the Institute, and interested folks (like me)
>who research the name will find it's a cohousing community offering free
>medical care.
>Info on the movie "Patch Adams" (portions filmed in North Carolina):

There's a nice article on Patch Adams in the newest "Communities" magazine,
which incidently features a cover cartoon and article by two of my favorite
former colleagues from Ithaca, NY.  Warm fuzzy memories for me tonight.

Susan LaBarre
Paradise Cohousing

Now forming near Raleigh, NC

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