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Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 19:50:13 -0600
Liz Stevenson wrote:

>..At the beginning of December, my husband, .. lost his job of 
more than 9 years. Meanwhile, I've been an at-home mom for five 
years and needed to get employed right away, so I'm temping. 

Hello Liz,

You helped us with Bay area Coho info. during our move from 
Seattle.  At the moment we are desperately looking for Berkeley's 
new name and any other East Bay communities near Fremont, 
San Ramon, Walnut Creak.  Any thoughts? Anybody?

Since we are still living with relatives in the SF bay area and 
making some progress toward work, I'd just like to pass on the 
methods that worked so far, and wish you the best during your job 

After being in the SF bay area for 5 weeks, we've made the 
security check stage for a $20k yr. food service job and qualified for 
a 3rd interview in a $35-40k yr. job. in Fremont :)   

All these jobs are direct, and the best opportunities have all come 
from the same Web Site
Eastbay Works Job Seeker Services

Most of my interviews came from the ability call a person directly 
and from the EastBay works web site above.  I also faxed, & 
emailed resumes in droves, but untold numbers of these blind 
fax/emails must fall into some kind of black hole.  A direct phone 
line / voice message & post interview thank you letter has worked 
much better for us.  This direct phone-call principle might also 
apply to the on-line classifieds, such as:

SFGate: Who's Hiring?

San Jose Mercury News JobHunter

#1 Technical Staffing Corporation

You can also post resumes and do searches from

The internet newsgroups specific to the SF bay area, may also 
help if your expertise is in either computers or related recruiting / 
technical writing

My progress has been related to having direct phone contacts and 
interviewing skills, which are improving, since I bought a $45.00 
Thomas guide and stoped getting lost.  

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