Help needed in creating a co-housing kitchen
From: Kenneth C. Mylrea (
Date: Sat, 9 Jan 1999 22:38:25 -0600
My name is Mary Ellen Mylrea.  I am part of Heartwood, a cohousing
community in the formulation stage close to Durango, Colorado.  We are
working on the plans for the common house.  And specifically I am
working on the kitchen.  Our co-housing community has 24 homes with
about 45 adults and 23 children.

Those of you who have an interest and expertise in the kitchen area of
co-housing perhaps can help me.  I would like to know the types of pots,
pans, serving dishes, small appliances, etc. that you have found most
useful?  Numbers and sizes would be great!   What were you sure you
would need and then found not very useful - what do you wish you had?

It would also be very handy to have information about how you planned
your storage- creative storage solutions and the amount of space you
needed for storage of these items.  It would be helpful to know the
budget you allocated for these items.

I sincerely appreciate the time it will take to respond to this post. 
Thank you.

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