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Sharon Hamer of Cambridge Coho wrote:
<I have been told the theory is that in cohousing you don't need as big a
unit kitchen as in a regular house because you are eating 3-5 dinners a week
in the common house. Don't forget, you still have 23-25 other meals you
still eat in your unit! And you still will have holiday meals, dinner
guests, parties, etc. in  your unit.

At Monterey Cohousing (Minneapolis, MN) many of us find it wonderful to have
larger  private gatherings in the dining room, the den, or the porch (depending
on season.)  Typically 2 or 3 different family gatherings happen on
Thanksgiving Day, with more on the days following. Parties for colleagues,
other events, the same.  

I agree, you still have lots of meals at home.  But I don't think we all need
facilities for large private gatherings, assuming we are willing to be flexible
and do some adjusting of schedules. We have signup sheets for the common

I do agree with Rob that we need to consider resale, and future members.  On
the other hand, to live for 20 years (or more, I hope) with things I don't
really need or want, is hard too.  (She says, having recently scrapped part
of my kitchen plans to allow for the oven I will use to store pots.)

Which reminds me, if any cohousing group or individual would be interested in a
Jenn-Air 2- burner cooktop unit with grill option and downdraft vent system, I
am selling one, un-used, for $300 plus the cost of shipping.  New is over $600. 
I'll make this a separate posting soon, and get the details of what it cost.


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