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Dear All, 
I am a social and cultural planner working for a local Council authority
in an urban area 30 km from central Melbourne (Australia). The community
is one of the most multicultural area of Australia with very strong
family/community networks.

I am interested in exploring co-housing as a way of achieving low cost/
affordable  housing for the community as part of a housing strategy
being developed for the city . 

Has anyone had experience where a local authority has
initiated/facilitated co-housing to this end?      

Thank you 

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Robin Williams' latest movie is "Patch Adams", based on the life of Dr.
Hunter Adams, founder of the Gesundheit! Institute in West Virginia.
movie depicts the creation of the Institute, and interested folks (like
who research the name will find it's a cohousing community offering free
medical care.  Dr. Adams' book "Gesundheit!" contains an extensive
bibliography which includes a lengthy section devoted to "Community
Living".  Great resources and great media links for promoting cohousing.

Info on the movie "Patch Adams" (portions filmed in North Carolina):

Info on the Gesundheit! Institute and the real Patch Adams:

Deb Smyre
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Deb Smyre, MSW
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