Information needed - East coast
From: dresch178 (
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999 19:53:01 -0600
Hi all,

It has been very interesting lurking on the list and learning about the
good and bad of cohousing.  I am interested in getting more information
about cohousing communities on the East Coast.  From Virginia to Florida.
I currently live and work as a technology teacher in New Jersey and am
hoping to relocate sometime in the next year or two at the most.  That also
means that I will be looking for a comparable job where I end up moving.
NOT New Jersey or anyplace north....I'm tired of the cold!

Anyway, I would appreciate it if anyone living in or with knowledge of
cohousing communities in any of those states would contact me privately.
dresch178 [at]

Regarding the kitchen issue.....just my two cents worth, but there are
certain basic standards for a functional kitchen.  It doesn't have to be
tremendous in size - actually too large a kitchen isn't all that functional
for someone who really gets into cooking but it needs counter and cabinet
space and full size appliances.  Having a nonstandard dishwasher or stove
is probably even more of an expense to purchase and maintain and it is
definitely NOT a good selling point.  Some people like to cook, need to
cook, are on special diets, have children who like snacks, etc. etc.  The
possibilities for need  far outweigh having a scanty, nonfunctional
kitchen.  I can see doing away with things like a formal living and dining
room but kitchens  and bathrooms are sacred!!!

Hope to get some responses.

New Jersey

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