Help-Developer-driven models
From: Carleolady (
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 21:09:33 -0600
Okay, now don't laugh everyone.   But the other day I spoke to a
representative of Kaufman and Broad (I SAID don't laugh! or cringe!).  They
are planning a 400 home development on the old Fort Ord here on the Monterey
Peninsula.  He actually knew what cohousing was and was quite nice --even told
me about a developer friend who has done a cohousing project in Santa Cruz.

Of course, he said that Kaufman and Broad was too large a company to do such a
project or to include cohousing within their development.  But he was
surprised and interested when I mentioned that there have been cohousing
communities (at least one that I know of-Muir Commons) that was built to help
fulfill the inclusionary housing requirements.   

If anyone out there knows of another community that was developed this way,
could you let me know?  I'm composing a letter to this guy and thought I'd
give all the details.  Sonoma Coho folks--could you give the name of the
company up there that's doing this?  

Thanks everyone!
Elaine Bush
Carmel, CA

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