Re: Vertical cohousing in the city
From: Jeff Hobson (
Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 21:11:12 -0600
I'm psyched to see this thread, as I've had lots of mental blocks about how
to do cohousing with an apartment building.  Thanks Jose for getting us going.

Tim - I think you're right to think of distributing the common spaces
through the building.  This is one of the good points about N Street in
Davis - there were common facilities throughout the community.  Sauna at one
end, hot tub at the other, common house in the middle, laundry machines in
two places, fairly close to clotheslines (but not quite in the same
backyard).  I think this is a fortuitous result of the retrofit style -
there wasn't enough capital to concentrate all common facilities in a
beautiful common house AND the community added common facilities as new
units came in; each new house added some facility or another.

Jeff Hobson
who used live in N Street in Davis
    now is starting a group in Oakland/Berkeley...

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