Writer seeks sources for 400 word article of inflight mag.
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Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 14:46:31 -0600
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I am a writer in Dallas, Texas. I have been asked to write a short (400
words) story about the increasing trend in co-housing for _American Way_,
which is the American Airlines inflight magazine. I am hoping you can help
me find sources, or direct me to someone who can.

Obviously, 400 words won't require a lot of people, but I was looking for
someone who can talk about the national trend, what sort of people are
interested in cohousing, and what sort of people do best in it; also a
family who has lived in a cohousing community for a while; and someone who
is thinking about moving into a cohousing community.

I thought perhaps people involved in your listserve might fit the bill. If
you would prefer I post a message in the listserve, I can do that, but some
places don't like that much. 

Just let me know. I can be reached via e-mail, at sdtex [at] airmail.net; or at
(214) 331-2190.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Sophia Dembling

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