Cohousing Salons Starting in Boston
From: Diane Simpson (
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 21:18:56 -0600
Greetings All!

This message is to inform you all of a new happening in the Boston area in
regards to Cohousing. What I'm doing is starting a series of "salons" in
the Boston area at a local restaurant to enable people with an interest in,
or curiousity about, cohousing to meet one another. I'm organizing this
under the name "Cohousing Nexus" so that people won't call the restaunt for
more information--hopefully they'll call me instead.

"Cohousing Nexus" is the new name for the former Jamaica Plain Cohousing
Network. The word "nexus" means: "1) the bond, link or tie existing between
members of a group or series; a means of connection between things. 2) A
connected series or group." That is what the Cohousing Nexus is
going to be about--connections. We will have a monthly get-together on the
second Monday of the month from 6-8 p.m. at the Dogwood Cafe near Forest Hills
Station in Boston. These get-togethers will be for anyone in the Boston
area who is interested in cohousing; wants to learn more about it; or wants
start a group. There is a great deal of interest in cohousing and cooperative
living in the Boston area, but to my knowledge, there is no place for people of
this mindset to get together and exchange ideas. The Cohousing Nexus will
change that. E-mail me if you know of any other groups in the Boston area
that are dedicated to cohousing and/or shared living and I will add links
to our website.

This is all BRAND NEW--I haven't even sent the notice to the local
newspapers yet. The first get-together will be on February 8.

Why "Cohousing Nexus"? Well, two reasons: My husband & I both thought that
"Cohousing Network" implied a stronger sense of organization than the word
"nexus." Maybe it's just our perception, but we've found that most networks
boards of directors and planned activities--this will have none of that. It's
just going to be a "drop-in & socialize" type of situation.

The other reason is, there's already a "Boston Cohousing Network" even
though it isn't active. Stella Tarnay might revive it, so I don't want to
call our group by a name that will get confused with someone elses's.

The Dogwood Cafe is RIGHT OUTSIDE Forest Hills station. I ran the idea of
the "salons" past David, the manager, and he was all for it, as long is we
didn't have them on a busy night. I picked the Dogwood because they have a
vegetarian menu, it's not as crowded as other local watering holes, and
it's very convenient to public transportation. They also have high chairs
for children and a fairly (not totally) private room in the back area.

So...e-mail me here (dqs [at] if you need more information or
directions to the Dogwood Cafe. I'll look forward to seeing some of you
there and brainstorming about what we can do to raise the awareness level
about cohousing in our area.



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