Re: New Home Developments
From: Diane Simpson (
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 22:32:46 -0600
I think it's entirely possible--even desirable--to question the cohousing
creed! What's the PURPOSE of cohousing anyhow? It's to live your life in a
more sane and humanistic way...sharing the burdens, the joys, the hope, the
fears, etcetera etcetera etcera...NOT to become professional housing

I like your start on the potential rewording of the "creed"...maybe "Future
residents have major input into the site planning" would be good
too...anything to take the wording away from "design of homes"...makes it
sound too much like a custom-home community (yecchhh!)


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Paul Milne wrote:
>.. does it become legitimate to question this "residents design the homes"
>pillar of the cohousing creed? Should it be amended? Anyone have a suggested
>rewording? "Future residents build elements of communal life into the site"?

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