Re: evaluating the tradeoffs and planning
From: Scott Cowley (
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 1999 10:08:10 -0600
3D graphics and models are the most expensive, but the best way to have a group
evaluate a project.
We used blocks on a table for site design.  That was o.k. for the basics.
A flat site plan was used for the question of shingle and stucco colors.  Big 
        A number of folks were also shocked when they finally saw the real 
Good shocked. The volumes of space made a lot of the questions we agonized over 
about ceiling height and stairwells mute.

        One of the real liabilities of group design input is that most people 
have no 
spatial intelligence.  Anything they can get to make it more concrete is vital.

I have a couple of  $12.95 computer programs* which will draw 3D buildings on a 
limited site plan.  Unfortunately, I didn't get them until after the floor 
plans were done.  It takes time, and a learning curve to get it to work, but 
you can take "screen captured" pictures off the screen into a ".jpg" file and 
project them on a screen at some facility such as a library which has a 
computer-linked projector. 

("Home Design 3D" and "Landscape Design 3D" from "Expert Software")
( I also recommend "DeltaCad" from "Midnight Software" -shareware- to draw 
sample floorplans.)

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