From: John Abbe (johncaourpla.net)
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 1999 16:11:09 -0600
Hello, this is just a note to introduce myself. My name's John Abbe 
and I've been interested in cohousing for a while, and am just now 
taking tentative steps to look into joining/starting one (is this 
list okay for asking if others are interested in my area?).

My wife got a lot out of taking a tour of 5 Bay Area (California, 
USA) cohousing/collective living projects. For anyone interested, the 
tour is offered by Ken Norwood at the Shared Living Resource Center 
(in Berkeley). The next one is in early March I think, Ken's e-mail 
is slrcnorwood [at] igc.apc.org.

Thanks for the list! Peace,
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