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Date: Fri, 5 Feb 1999 08:33:16 -0600
> Veggie Garden - how is it managed - in general terms?  Do households have
> private bed if desired?  Is all food for common use only?  do gardeners
> nongardeners alike share the food equally?  Do kids have a space of their
> any problems with not enough food to go around? or TOO much food?!

We took our vegetable garden and divided it into 24 or 28 (I don't remember)
plots of @5 x 11 feet that members could "champion". If you championed a
plot you planted and tended the vegetable(s) of your choice, got to take
what you wanted, and share the rest with the group by placing extra items in
a basket. There were 3 plots given to the kids and planted during a core

This was our first year and we got started on the garden a bit late. I'm not
even on the garden committee and didn't champion a plot, but I live right in
front of it. Most people just informally said take what you want. I expect
this year it will be even more organized.

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