Re: Dogs, clotheslines and other related matters
From: Unnat (
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 08:21:43 -0600
Hi Marty

> As we here at TAW move ever closer to moving in - yeah!!! - many isues are
> starting to surface as we realize that hey! we **are** going to be living
> together!!

We have about 2 months to go too!  Our mob seems to be in denial - meeting
attendance went from low to non-existent, exacerbated by summer holidays.

> Public clothesline ... near the laundry room in the
> common house.  Do you have one?  what are/were the issues around it?

One person is against the interruption to visual contact that one obvious 
provides her.

>  do gardeners and nongardeners alike share the food equally?

Good point.  I'm not a gardener (yet) - a couple of members who have done very
little over 4 -7 years say that they are into gardening.  I'll be pretty cheesed
off if I don't receive the same right to use as everyone else even if I do 
to help for a while.

> Please send replies to me at MartyR707 [at] - and add (cc) the list 
> if you
> think it's something new for all.  Thanks so much - I love hearing stories
> from existing communities and hope to get a lot of replies!!!

Me too. Please send to me as well.

Robyn Williams
Pinakarri Community
Fremantle, Western Australia

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