Re: site supervision
From: S. Hamer (
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1999 19:29:36 -0600
I don't know if anyone from Cambridge Cohousing has answered this yet, but
there is no question that we should have had a daily, on-site, independent,
and highly qualified project manager. It would definately have been worth
the money. We have hundreds of problems, from minor to major, that most
likely could have been prevented if oversight was there.

> Bottom line, there was no one on site daily, throughout the construction
> process that looked out for our interests alone.  There should have been
> someone there, full time, who was a project manager by trade who knew the
> local building regulations, county requirements and political currents.
> my opinion, it would have been worth every dollar it cost, in terms of
> from cost overruns and costs of replacing elements that were installed
> may need to be removed or altered (site lighting,  handicap railing etc).

Sharon Hamer
Cambridge Cohousing

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