Re: Common House Meal Management
From: S. Hamer (
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 06:31:19 -0600
> 1. Do you do anything special to make meals kid-friendly? 
I believe they are completely kid friendly. Some kids eat everything, and
some are fussy (just like home!!) Most of the kids under 8 eat in 3 minutes
and then run to the kids room (OK, they walk)

> 2. How do you schedule the cooks? Do people just sign up for days they
> cook, or do you have a strict rotation? 

We are just getting this process under way because we just got a stove in
our common kitchen. We have 8 meal team leaders and @5 people must sign up
with each team. I can't remember if everyone has to sign up.
> 3. Does every household contribute to the cooking/cleaning? 
Everyone who participates in a meal must either cook or clean (even if it's
one meal). But I can't remember if everyone must participate. If you can't
or hate cooking, you can shop or clean. Many of us order the groceries from
on online supermarket and the groceries are delivered the day before or the
day of the meal.
> 4. To what level do you cater to special dietary needs of various
> Do you have a vegetarian option at every meal, or is it just up to

We have had a vegetarian option at every meal so far. If someone has a
dietary restriction, people have tried to respect it, but sometimes a meal
requires tomatoes, peppers, etc. so the person with the dietary restriction
must respect the others and perhaps not eat that meal.

Sharon Hamer
JCambridge cohousing

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