RE: site supervision
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 18:59:53 -0600
During the heavy equiptment phase of our land  clearing and construction of
our second phase of development we had a team of people who rotated site
duty, to ride herd on the machine operators, set boundaries, and make
decisions for the group. Things went the way we wanted em because we had
people on site pretty much most the time, at one point a dispute came up,
and the machine operator was told, in his burly face, to shut down his
machine, or lose the job. NOW! He did, and later very humbly apoligized, to
the rather small woman who got in his face in the first place. A learning
experience I was told.....

After that, there was no questions about who was in charge. It was not
always fun or easy to be on the site team and I was impressed with the
people who took it on for the group. We managed to do it without hiring an
outsider, something that we have foolishly done a lot of. It would have been
easier to have a manager run the whole project, it would have been done
years (yes that is not a typo, I said years) sooner if we had a dedicated
project manager driving things instead of amatuers in their spare time.

Rob Sandelin
(Who just finished recording his first album! In my basement)

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