Project Director Needed
From: Sharon Villines (
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 22:08:19 -0600
Synergy Cohousing has lost its project director and we need another one.

We have our zoning done, working drawings done (final sealed version due
Monday), ready to start the construction permitting process, and are working
on the construction loan. We have a dynamite mortgage broker who knows
cohousing and is helping with that process. We have 14 households committed
and are figuring out how to start with three buildings (of eight). Our web
site shows the project off very well.

But we are all very busy people with little knowledge of construction and
housing development. We are willing to consider any interested party. We are
in Palm Beach County Florida. Great beach.

Please send a query email with your abilities and interests and questions.

Sharon Villines
sharonvillines [at]
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